Observing baby Carolina Wrens

I love baby animals so imagine my surprise to find a nest with brightly colored eggs. She built the nest in a box with old automotive belts and hoses. I almost moved the hoses for better filming, but didn’t want to disturb the babies or risk imprinting them.

The bird is a Carolina Wren and has some interesting habits. For example, the babies sleep alone in the nest at night. I’m not sure where the mom and dad go, but they’re not here. During the day, they’re both around and feeding is appears to be as fast as they can find a baby lizard, worm, or bug.

When they arrive to feed the babies, they don’t just fly into the shed. They’re very methodical and land on the fence first, on the shed, on the ground, and eventually get in there. It’s like they’re trying to be sure they’re not being followed.

I guess when you’re only a couple of inches high with babies, those are normal precautions.Here is a short video I composed that shows the babies first hatched till now almost ready to fly.

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