Check your ground wires

Everytime I flipped on my driving lights, the fuel gauge would begin dropping. I knew that had to be a ground problem, but wasn’t sure where to start. I noticed the right hand light was dimmer so I started there.

I had grounded my driving lights using the bolts under my chrome bumper. I removed the ground wire from the passenger light and connected it to the horn mount. All I did was unbolt the horn and placed this connector around the mounting bolt.

Wow, the light was significantly brighter than the left one!  I grounded the left light to the other horn mount and now it matched in brightness. Oh and my fuel guage stays put too.

The night time ride was really impressive. The lights really noticeably brighter now! So if you’re experiencing any kind of issues, remember to check your ground points. Grounding through chrome bumpers and paint works okay, but a direct connection yields great results.



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