Philip Hulitar Sculpture Gardens

What do you do during lunch? Surf the internet? Seriously, you do that all day long anyway.  It’s time to get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air. If you work near the downtown West Palm Beach,  we have the perfect place to enjoy lunch. It’s also open on the weekends so now you have somewhere to go this weekend.

The sculpture gardens are another shining example of preserving the land and yet allowing public enjoyment.  You’ll have to read the interesting history, but some of the contributors included; Mrs. Folger, Mr. and Mrs. F. Warrington Gillet, Jr., and Marjorie Whittemore to name a few.

Located due east of the Society of the Four Arts and surrounded by a fence, it’s not readily visible. An open wrought iron gate is your only clue. Quick side note, can you name the Four Arts? Answer at the end, so no skipping ahead!

As the name implies, the sculpture garden contains an eclectic mix of landscapes and art. Immerse yourself in the tropical plants and pools of the Chinese garden. Stand in wonder at the funky art reaching skyward and wonder just what defines art and why you didn’t think of that.

Step inside the large pavilion with the gigantic fruit art and the fountain flowing from the kids’ statue faces. Sit under one of the trellis areas and enjoy the shade. Or go all the way into the NE corner and sit in the solitude of the trees. Back here you’re also out of view of the general public so it’s like having the place to yourself.

The gardens are free and open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. Ok, so here’s the answer to the Four Arts: Art, Music, Drama, and Literature.

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