Grand Canyon serenity

I walked across the parking lot, past the hordes of friendly tourists and down the dusty trail. Each step took me further from the noise above. One switchback later, it was all gone! No more noise from civilization. All I heard was the crunch of the ground under my hiking boots. As I continued down the trail, the views became grander and grander. 

I stopped at one outcropping and all I could hear was the deafening silence. It was very odd, yet very welcome. Shortly after a gentle breeze blew through and large raven effortlessly glided over head.

This is the Grand Canyon that I love! The wide open spaces, the sound of silence. It’s a wonderful place to recharge the soul.  The trail I was walking on left from one of the parking lot overlooks so it was very convenient. Just make sure to carry water, even if you’re going for a short distance. It’s very easy going down, but coming up takes twice as long and twice the effort.

When you go the Grand Canyon, enjoy the beautiful visitor center and all the history, but make sure to visit the trails less traveled.  Take time to connect with the soul of the Grand Canyon and you’ll connect with yours too.

More photos here:!i=1874016754&k=t3LLV8V

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