The quest for organization

The back of my 4Runner is a constant state of organized chaos. I’ve been wanting to organize it, but hadn’t found what I wanted yet. After attending the Overland Expo 2012 in AZ, I saw plenty of ideas on how. The rollover recovery demo that showed what happens when cargo is not secured sold me on getting better organized.

I looked in the stores and online, but still couldn’t find what I wanted. I know I’m picky, but I wanted something that would be lightweight, leave room for other gear, and of course be inexpensive. 

Anyone else dumpster dive? I do and am amazed at how many working items I’ve retrieved and repurposed. One lucky day I found a vertical organizer that had 2 large plastic slide out drawers. This might just work!

With the top cover, it was too tall to fit under the retractable cargo cover. The plastic pieces snap together, which means they also snap apart. After I removed the top cover, the unit was still about an inch too tall.

I was determined to make this fit and under the cargo cover. I thought about cutting it shorter, but then I realized the problem. The main cover mounting was the hinderance. That’s only a few inches wide.  Aha…..I tilted the organizer at an angle so the rear posts cleared that lower roll up section and then set it upright. Perfect fit!! It’s snug and doesn’t slide around. Course I had to paint it to be a closer match to the interior. The color is nutmeg in case you’re wondering.

The drawers are wide and deep and easily hold much more than the previous two plastic containers with snap on lids. They don’t slide around like my plastic bins did and the slide out drawers are easier to access. The whole assembly measures: 13 inches wide, 21.5 inches long, and 15.75 inches tall.

It’s so much easier to find things now and a relief to not see stuff all over.  It fits, is light weight, and was free….perfect.

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