Hella 700 FF Driving Lights

It was a dark night on a lonely stretch of road when my father said “hey son, watch this!” In an instant, night become day as the road was flooded with light on all sides and far away. What a difference!! He had replaced the crappy stock lights in the bumper of his Kenworth with airplane landing lights. I don’t know where he got them, but he loved using them.

Even though that was some 30 years ago, some things you never forget. Every vehicle I’ve owned has either had auxiliary driving lights and or headlight replacements.  In fact, lighting is usually the first upgrade on the list of a new vehicle.

My current vehicle, a 1998 Toyota 4Runner SR5, is no exception.  Even with upgraded headlight bulbs, I still needed more light on the road. Okay, maybe it was wanted more light on the road. My Hella work lights on the rear bumper work great so I grabbed another Hella product; the 700FF driving lights. The 7 inch round is perfect size for the 4Runner, not too big or too small. I wired them to a Toyota fog light switch to make it look stock.

The first time I turned them on at night, I was a bit disappointed. My Phillips extreme headlight bulbs were brighter than the 55w halogen bulb in the Hella kit. While the driving lights provided more usable light, it just wasn’t that bright white light I wanted.

I wanted to maintain the simplicity of the install so I purchased Hella 100W Xenon bulbs for $17. If I didn’t like them, it was a cheap lesson.

One screw removes the light housing so the entire bulb swap took all of 10 minutes. I did the swap around dusk. Just looking at the lights on in the daytime, it was obvious these bulbs were brighter.  I could hardly wait for full darkness to try them out.

(Xenon bulbs vs Halogen)



 (Both bulbs upgraded)





A flip of switch and the lights produce a bright white light that outshines my headlights. Now this is how they should’ve come from the factory!!

The 700FFs are fun to use while exploring at night and are a great for spotting wildlife before they run into the road.

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