Self Sealing Bicycle tubes

Only 4 more miles till we’re back at the visitor center. We were nearing the end of our 15 mile ride around Shark Valley. Just then I heard an unfamiliar sound from my front bicycle wheel. It wasn’t a hissing sound, but a rhythmic rubbing sound.

I looked down at my front wheel and was not happy at what I saw. The front tire looked flat or very, very low. That explained why it seemed harder to pedal. I thought I was just getting tired.

Course, my on frame bike pump was in the 4Runner. I took the pump off while the bike was on the bike rack and forgot to put it back on. I was a bit disappointed to see a flat considering I have wheel liners and tubes with that green self sealing goo inside of them.With all of that protection, I should be able to ride through anything.

It was too hot to walk and as long as I kept moving it seemed to be fine, so I rode the 4 miles to the visitor center parking lot.  Back in civilization, I grabbed my full size, floor pump, and pumped up the tire just to see where the leak was. Hmmm, no hissing or any noises to indicate air leaking.

We ate lunch and hung out for about an hour. The tire was still holding air when we left.  Two weeks and 15 miles of riding later,  the tire is holding air just fine. I guess those self sealing tubes work after all. Just in case, I’m carrying an extra tube with me and will make sure  my air pump is on the bike before I leave.


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