LED interior bulbs installed

Have you ever looked for something inside your SUV at night? It’s like looking in a dark basement with a candle. It’s especially apparent when camping under the stars. A flashlight works, but having two hands to move items around is a big plus.

LED lights are an inexpensive and easy solution.  Replacing the 4 bulbs took about 15 minutes total and was one of the easiest upgrades.

All you need for installation is a small flat blade screw driver. The rear cargo and dome light are the same style housing. Gently pop off the cover, remove the old bulb, install the new one, and snap in the cover. When installing the new bulb, be careful not to have it pop up into hole and into the headliner. You’ll have to remove the headliner to get it out or be really creative in finding it.

To access the map lights above the mirror, the whole cover comes off in one piece. Just gently pry it loose from the headliner. If you encounter resistance, check for any tabs that may snap in like behind the rear view mirror.

The difference is amazing. Searching inside the truck at night during our last camping trip was a breeze and those small items were easily found. The cargo light now lights up the area behind the bumper which also comes in handy.

Here’s the part number from the vendor I purchased mine from.


3022-xHP4: 4 High Power LED Festoon Bulb | $ 6.95 |
3022-CWHP4: Cool White

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