I Love Dirt Roads!

There’s just something irresistable about a dirt road!!  Every time I see one, I want to explore it. Where does it go? What wildlife will I see? What trails will it connect with? All the possibilities!!

Whether I’m in a well equipped SUV, rental car, or mountain bike, I’ll go exploring. Oregon, Utah, North Carolina, or even Florida, there’s always something unique to see.

Recently I was biking in a state park and skipped the bike trails in favor of the forest roads. They were gated, but a mountain bike can go most anywhere. Plus I volunteer there so I know most of the rangers. It was one of the best rides! I saw parts of the park that the general public never sees.

Thanks to the road, I didn’t destroy any of the vegetation or leave any lasting impressions. I kept exploring to the point, I got a little lost.  In my quest to find my way home,I saw camping areas, rivers, and places I’d only heard about. It was great!!!

So next time you see a dirt road, take the time to check it out. You may find a fish camp at the end, beautiful flowers, deer, connecting trails, tall trees, shimmering lakes, or just a beautiful meadow.  You never know what you’ll see, which is whats so great about dirt roads.

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